About Bliss Online

Bliss is a semantic graphical language. Since the 70's Bliss is used as Alternative and Complementary Communication (ACC) tool for people with communication difficulties.

Bliss Online is a pedagogic tool for use within schools and education. By subscribing you as a subscriber will gain access to approved Bliss words (symbols) as well as grammar functionality.

As an educator you can easily prepare lessons by using the various functions of the service and produce pedagogic material such as Bliss charts, student assignments and Bliss texts. All you need is a subscription, a computer and an Internet connection.

Our users

Bliss Online is developed for students with disabilities, resource centers, day to day activities and habilitation.

The web service is primarily used as an educational tool by special education teachers, speech therapists, personal assistants or other school and educational staff. Special educational support such as communication aids centers, resource centers, daily activities and habilitation services also use Bliss Online. Bliss Online can also be used by parents or other close relations.

If you are interested in Bliss as a language and not in Bliss as ACC, please refer to BCI – Blissymbolics Communication International.