New site!

Soon we will launch the new version of BlissOnline with a new look and new features. There will be a word processor for writing with symbols. The word processor will be open to all for a limited time. After that you will be able to take out a separate producer subscription. Producer subscription is meant for those who produces educational materials and / or learning material with Bliss.

Import about browsers

The new site wil require a modern browser. For the past year we have shown a warning for those with older browsers and most have already updated.

Open WhatBrowser to check if you need to update.

If you use Windows XP

Microsoft no longer supports Windows XP, so there is no update for Internet Explorer.

We recommend that you switch to Google Chrome. Installing Google Chrome is easy and free.

A subscription to BlissOnline costs from 43 Euro per year (including VAT).

You can order a subscription by clicking "Order BlissOnline" below. Personal login information is sent via email when an order is made.

You can also try BlissOnline. Click on "Try BlissOnline"

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